Stefan Kern, MSc

About me

My name is Stefan Kern. I'm 35 years old and have been working as a web developer in various areas since graduating from the FH 2011. I experienced the change in web development first hand.

Starting with jQuery, which was absolutely indispensable at the time, via knockout to angularjs and finally to angular, which is also used for this website. Furthermore, I have also dealt intensively with frameworks such as Bootstrap and Angular Materials. It was often difficult to find out which ones did not disappear after a year. The same applies to various plugins and build tools. Apart from web development, I have experience in C # and .Net, different CMS systems and the blockchain. Below you will find a wordcloud listing of which technologies I have experience with.

For my website, it was important to me to use State of Art tools, to bring them together correctly and to create a visually appealing and technically solid solution. That means in detail

  • Angular 12 as Framework
  • Design using Angular Material but adapted to me
  • nice logos and nice pictures
  • interesting texts
  • technically playful element like the word cloud
  • Data storage for non-static parts in Google Firebase
  • server-side rendering with scully for SEO optimization

I hope you like the result. If you have an interesting project or job advertisement that fits my skills, please contact me at

I look forward to your contact,


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